Bamboo Cutlery Set- 10pcs
Bamboo Cutlery Set- 10pcs

Bamboo Cutlery Set- 10pcs

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Did you know that the second most dangerous plastic trash after fishing nets is plastic cutlery? Marine animals often mistake it for food, which leads to a painful death.

Bring your own eco-friendly cutlery set & refuse single-use plastic cutlery. It's perfect for picnics or take-away lunch. You can also use them while traveling. 

  • This set is packed in an organic cotton pouch, coated with oil for smooth feel in your hands and mouth. 
  • It is completely non-toxic, recyclable and BPA-free. 
  • Can be put in the dishwasher & reused many times. 
  • Includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, Chopsticks, Bamboo Straw, Steel Straight Straw, Steel Bending Straw, Cleaning Brush, Bamboo Tooth Brush, Pouch

Switch to bamboo flatware & help reduce plastic waste!


50% of all profits are donated to various ocean conservation organizations. 
Learn more about our mission here.